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Cash Assistance
Author(s) Diane Wenzler, Director of Benefits Plus Learning Center. Leslie Boutin, Assistance Director
Expert Editor(s) Maryann Joyce, Esq.; Susan Bahn, Esq.
Pages 250

Cash Assistance

This resource guide contains information and resources on:

  • Standard of Need;
  • Budgeting Income (SSI, earnings, in-kind, etc.);
  • Who Qualifies (both families and singles and childless couples);
  • Rights and Responsibilities of Applicants;
  • Program Requirements, including finger imaging, substance abuse and, child support, work activities;
  • Right to pursue educational activities;
  • The disability process;
  • Returning to work and maintaining Medicaid, SNAP benefits and child care;
  • Overpayments and sanctions;
  • Housing subsidies - FEPS, HASA enhanced rent allowance;
  • Additional allowances - rent arrears, storage fees, pregnancy allowance;
  • Advocacy and Appeals;
  • Government Contacts;
  • And more!
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