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Supplemental Security Income
Author Diane Wenzler, Director of Benefits Plus Learning Center
Expert Editior Barbara Samuels, Esq.
Pages 150

Supplemental Security Income

This resource guide contains information and resources on:

  • How to calculate the SSI benefit amount;
  • Household Arrangement and the Impact on the SSI Benefit Amount;
  • Who Qualifies;
  • How to Budget a Parent's Income when a Child Applies for SSI;
  • Step by Step Process of the Disability Determination for both children and adults;
  • The Representative Payee;
  • Returning to Work, including the Ticket to Work and Self-Sufficiency project, continued Medicaid benefits, the break-even point;
  • SSI/SSDI dual eligibles;
  • Overpayments;
  • Advocacy and Appeals;
  • Government Contacts;
  • And more!

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